Robin Walker

Robin Walker is extremely grateful for the place art has in her life. She began to see herself as an artist as a teenager, growing up in Southern California, being surrounded by beauty and under the influence of an art teacher who was the epitome of art to her. She was able to explore many mediums, producing a large amount of work and received the Sword and Shield Art Award at graduation.

Life soon took her on a different path when she met and married a Canadian and moved to B.C. in 1983. She spent many years creatively raising five children and working abroad until the opportunity came to take art seriously again.

Robin believes there are three realities that make her art work possible.

She says,
#1 “I am art. Because I am a created being, I am already experiencing a relationship with art. I am an expression of the Artist, created uniquely with intent and meaning.”

#2 “I am surrounded by art. What inspires and excites me is something I see. I am awe struck by the natural world. I know I didn’t think it up, it was given for my enjoyment and delight. I slow down, I pause, I really look and give it my attention. I say ‘thank you!’”

#3 “I generate art. I give creativity the time and effort it takes to develop. Experience, knowledge and skills are key. I see something and I get to play with it. Something of my history, personality, likes and values has an influence and it passes through me and comes out communicating what I perceive. No one else has seen it this way; it is truly original! Being able to generate art is a gift to me, but it is also something that I want to share. I am saying, ‘Look, I want you to see it too’”.

Robin believes that beauty speaks to everyone and gives assurance of hope, goodness and love. She can’t wait to discover more of it and experience life like a child full of wonder. Living in Clearwater gives her an amazing opportunity to explore the outdoors.

In 2014, Robin was juried into active status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.